Tunisian way to NVSC 8

The Official logo of the National Selection, Before the change of title.

The Tune Is In Ya (Our Song For NVSC #8) was the first edition of the tunisian national selection the Tunisian Song for Northvision Song Contest #8.


On January 21st 2014, it was announced that Tunisia would select their entry through a National Final. Nessma announced the 5 artists that would compete in the National Final to represent Tunisia in the North Vision Song Contest 8 on 26 February 2014.. The songs for each artist were announced on 2 March 2014.


Each country that was voting had to give 12 points to their favourite, 10 points to their second favourite, 7 to their third, 5 to their fourth and 2 points to their least favourite song.

Number of Votes Voting Countries
20 Flag of Tunisia TunisiaFlag of Liechtenstein Liechtenstein, Flag of Azerbaijan Azerbaijan, Flag of Malta Malta, Flag of Lithuania Lithuania, Flag of Ukraine Ukraine,
Flag of Greece Greece, Flag of Portugal Portugal, Flag of Croatia Croatia, Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria, Flag of Norway Norway, Flag of Hungary Hungary,
Flag of Poland Poland, Iceland Iceland, Flag of Andorra Andorra , Flag of Sweden Sweden, Flag of France France, Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom,
Flag of Ireland Ireland, Flag of Denmark Denmark

The Final

Draw Artist Song Place Points
01 Amina Annabi "Ya Nari Revolution" 5 98
02 Myrath "Merciless Times"1 2 186
03 Latifa "Fil Kam Yom Ili Fato" 4 127
04 Saber El Robaey "Ajmal Nisaa El Dounia" 3 134
05 Nathalie "Vivo Sospesa"1 1 186

1 Due to Myrath & Nathalie having the same amount of points, the result was decided by how many 12 points each of the contestants had gotten. Nathalie had scored 9 12 points while Myrath has gotten 8 12 points.