The Tune Is In Ya (Our Song For NVSC #10)

The Tune Is In Ya (Our Song for NVSC #10) is the 3rd annual National Selection process for Tunisia in the North Vision Song Contest.


Each country that was voting had to give 12 points to their favourite, 10 points to their second favourite, 7 to their third, 5 to their fourth and 2 points to their least favourite song.

Number of Votes Voting Countries

Flag of Tunisia Tunisia

Flag of Germany Germany

Flag of Azerbaijan Azerbaijan

Flag of Malta Malta

Algeria Algeria

Flag of Ukraine Ukraine

Flag of Croatia Croatia

Flag of Hungary Hungary

Flag of Norway Norway

Flag of Monaco Monaco

Flag of Georgia Georgia

Flag of Greece Greece

Flag of Faroe Islands Faroe Islands

Flag of France France

Flag of Israel Israel

Flag of Lithuania Lithuania

The National Final

Draw Artist Song Place Points
01 Ahmed el Cherif Ana Aam Faker 04 114
02 Saber El Robaey Sidi Mansour (Ya Baba) 05 55
03 Group Si Lemhaf We9ef 3al Bellar 01 145
04 Bendir Man & Friends Ghneya Lik 03 119
05 Amani Swissi Hay Jazati 02 143

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