The Tune Is In Ya #4 (Our Song For NVSC #14)

The Tune Is In Ya #4 (Our Song for NVSC #14) is the 4th annual National Selection process for Tunisia in the North Vision Song Contest.

Big changes was made in this edition, as there are now 10 acts competing in the selection, rather than 5 acts like the last 3 editions.


After the change, the voting process has been changed.

Countries will now be giving out 12 points to the favorite, 10 points to their second favorite, and continue with 8 to 1 points.

Number of Votes

The National Final

TTIIY -4 Results

The Voting Grid of TTIIY #4

Draw Artist Song Place Points
01 Nader Guirat "The Jasmine's Calling" 03 141
02 Asma Othmani "A Labass" 10 60
03 Group "Si Lemhaf", Dani Dimitrovksa & Karim Kamel "Hekayat Fi Bladi (Never Give Up)" 06 129
04 Yosra Mahnouch "Benhar" 09 78
05 Yael Naim "Dream in my head" 01 193
06 Latifa "Be Netabel" 04 135
07 Imen Sheriff "Baba Bahri" 07 98
08 El General "Sout Lebled" 08 89
09 Amani Swissi "Sebha Alaya" 02 165
10 Khaled Bougatfa Ft. Med Amok & Pryns Missile "Ya Bent Ennes" 05 130

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