The Tune Is In Ya (Our Song for NVSC #9)

The Tune Is In Ya (Our Song for NVSC #9) is the 2nd annual National Selection process for Tunisia in the North Vision Song Contest.


Each country that was voting had to give 12 points to their favourite, 10 points to their second favourite, 7 to their third, 5 to their fourth and 2 points to their least favourite song.

Number of Votes Voting Countries

Algeria Algeria
Flag of Belarus Belarus
Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia-Herzegovina
Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria
Flag of Croatia Croatia
Flag of Denmark Denmark
Flag of Georgia Georgia
Flag of Germany Germany
Flag of Greece Greece
Flag of Ireland Ireland
Flag of Malta Malta
Flag of Moldova Moldova
Flag of Montenegro Montenegro
Flag of Norway Norway
Flag of Romania Romania
Flag of Sweden Sweden
Flag of Tunisia Tunisia
Flag of Ukraine Ukraine
Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom

The rejection

Nessma was earlier announcing that Axel Tony ft. Tunisiano will represent Tunisia in NVSC #9, Norway. NBU later rejected the participants, due that they later found out that Axel Tony, nor Tunisiano, was 100% Tunisian, and therefor couldn't participate.

Nessma acted quickly with what to do in the short time, and they came up to return with their national selection process. Due that Tunisiano still had tunisian origins, him, and Axel, was still allowed to participate in the national selection and therefor got a place.

Three days after the voting lines were opened, Latifa got disqualified, due that her song broke one of the rules, stating that no songs can compete in Northvision Song Contest if it's made in 1999 or lower.

The Final

Draw Artist Song Place Points
01 Amani Swissi Mn Waraya 3 142
02 Axel Tony ft. Tunisiano Avec Toi 1 194
03 Latifa Wadeh 5 71
04 Imen Cherif Yrrah Ymout 2 152
05 Najet Attia Wala Faraa 4 125

     The song got Disqualified