Flag of Ireland "Thinking Out Loud"
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North Vision Song Contest 9 entry
Country Ireland
Artist(s) Lesley Roy
Language English
Songwriter(s) Max Martin
Finals performance
Semi-final result 17th, 41 points
Appearance chronology
◄ "Start Again" (8)   
"Dust and Cloud" (10) ►

"Thinking Out Loud" is a song by Irish singer-songwritter Lesley Roy. The song was chosen to represent Ireland in the North Vision Song Contest 9 in Oslo, Norway.


Roy has stated that the song is her favourite from her debut album 'Unbeautiful'. In the album commentry Roy did back in 2008 she said the song was "about being confused and lost" and "Trying to figure out what kind of group of peope you fit in with, even if you do fit in with any group".

Made in Ireland

Having taken part in the previous edition of Made in Ireland to select the entry for NVSC8, Roy decided to take part again in the following edition. The new format meant that Roy would have to get sponsored by a broadcaster in the NBU in order to take part. The Danish broadcaster quickly decided to choose Roy to sponsor, and together they choose "Thinking Out Loud" to be the best song to send.

On the 8th June it was annouced that Roy had won the selection, beating the second place entry by a mear 4 points.

Chart Performance

Chart (2014) Peak


Denmark (DL Charts) 27
Ireland 12
Region   Certification   Sales/shipments  
Denmark Gold 12,000x