Tommy U & Tob Luii
Background information
Origin Riga, Latvia
Years active 2008-present

Tommy U & Tob Luii are a DJ duo from Riga, Latvia.


Tommy U & Tob Luii is Tommy U and Tob Luii are a two DJ duo who started their musical progress at 2008.

At start these two DJs resided at some of Riga’s most wanted night spots and in a short period they have also played at the biggest clubs in Latvia and at biggest Baltic festivals – Baltic Beach Party and Positivus AB.

The reason why they have ‘grown’ so fast as a DJ duo is definitely because they play B2B sets (2 DJs at the same time plays from 4 mixers) and also a very refined and individual music taste which is unlike anyone else’s. Last year is mainly spent in the studio working on their own tracks while also remixing world famous DJ tracks.

These guys have also managed to participate in events with such world known names as JD Davis, Sandy Rivera and Fragma (Damae).