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Uma canção para Portugal is the Portuguese National Selection from NVSC #6 till today.

RTP 1 is the organizer for the selection.


Edition Artist Song Translation Position in North Vision
1 Madeline Juno Error -- 7th
2 Santamaria Já Nao Sei De Ti Didn't You Know TBA (SF)


Each edition has two Semifinals, where 7 out of 14 acts get through. One song gets the Wildcard. This song is already in the Final. In edition #1 it was randomly chosen, but from edition #2 on, the runner up from last edition will participate with another song in the final.

Voting & Juries

Broadcasters can send their votes to RTP 1, voting in usual Eurovision Style (1-7,8,10,12 point/-s). If there is a tie, it will be looked up who got more 12 points, if no difference, 10 points and  so on.

Juries can always apply when the results of Semifinal 2 are published.

Host arena

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