Your Choice for Austria 4
Venue Arena Nova, Vienna, Austria
Presenter(s) Ramona Rotstich
Broadcaster ORF
Entries 12
System 100% international jury (Final)
100% Televoting (Super-Final)
Winner "Devinez"
Your Choice for Austria
◄ 3 Eurovision Heart 5 ►

Your Choice for Austria 4 was the fourth edition of the Austrian music competition that selected Austria's entry for the North Vision Song Contest 21. The selection had a final consisting of twelve songs.

The next edition was Your Choice for Austria 5.

Zoë won the show with her song "Devinez" and therefore represented Austria for the 2nd time.

The show was hosted in the Arena Nova. The arena was also planned to host the Pre-Qualification Round 7 in case Austria won the hosting poll. However, FYR Macedonia won the poll and therefore hosted the PQR instead.

Round 1 (Final)

# Artist Song Place Points
01 DEJA "Struck By The Light" 12 85
02 Como "Silent Girl Next Door" 06 128
03 Allessa "Du bist die Liebe" 02 200
04 Lilja Bloom "More & More" 09 110
05 Victoria Swarovski "My Heart Is Your Heart" 05 135
06 LSB "Tanz mit mir" 07 126
07 Wild Culture vs. Karmin "Sugar" 11 98
08 James Hersey "Miss You" 10 99
09 Zoë "Devinez" 03 192
10 Suvi "Find You" 01 205
11 Wendja "Stadt, Land, Fluss" 08 120
12 SOHN "Artifice" 04 184

Round 2 (Super-Final)

# Artist Song Place  %
01 Allessa "Du bist die Liebe" 03 25,00%
02 Zoë "Devinez" 01 43,18%
03 Suvi "Find You" 02 31,82%

12 points

No. Song Nation(s) giving 12 points
6 Flag of Austria Du bist die Liebe Flag of Australia Rest of the world, Flag of Cyprus Cyprus, Denmark Denmark, Flag of Greece Greece, Flag of San Marino San Marino, Flag of Ukraine Ukraine
Flag of Austria Flag of United Kingdom Artifice Flag of Armenia Armenia, Flag of Belgium Belgium, Flag of Faroe Islands Faroe Islands, Flag of Italy Italy, Flag of Latvia Latvia, Flag of Poland Poland
4 Flag of Austria Devinez Flag of Georgia Georgia, Flag of Germany Germany, Flag of Morocco Morocco, Flag of Serbia Serbia
Flag of Sweden Find You Austria Austria, Flag of Belarus Belarus, Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria, Flag of Spain Spain
2 Flag of Austria My Heart Is Your Heart Flag of Hong Kong Hong Kong, Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom
Flag of Austria Flag of United States Sugar Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia-Herzegovina, Flag of Lithuania Lithuania
Flag of Austria Stadt, Land, Fluss Flag of Czech Republic Czech Republic, Flag of France France
1 Flag of Austria Struck By The Light Flag of Liechtenstein Liechtenstein
Flag of Austria Silent Girl Next Door Flag of Malta Malta
Flag of Austria Tanz mit mir Flag of Moldova Moldova
0 Flag of Austria More & More
Flag of Austria Flag of United States Miss You

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