Your Choice for Austria
Genre Pop, Rock, Alternative, Schlager, Dance
Location(s) Vienna, Austria
Years active 2015–present
Founded by Österreichischer Rundfunk (ORF)
Your Choice for Austria is the Austrian music competition that selects Austria's entry for the North Vision Song Contest. The selection had 2 editions so far.

The show is hosted in the Arena Nova. The arena was also planned to host the Pre-Qualification Round 7 in case Austria won the hosting poll. However, FYR Macedonia won the poll and therefore hosted the PQR instead.

Entrants and Results

Edition NVSC Edition Artist Song Points NVSC Place NVSC Points
#01 #16 Zoë "Adieu" 258 15 104
#02 #18 La Rochelle Band "Rocket Man" 349 17 29
#03 #20 Edenbridge "Alight a New Tomorrow" 1444 14 111
#04 #21 Zoë "Devinez" 43,18% 21 140
#05 #22 Ramona Rotstich "Mädchenmusik" 46,81% 11 125
  • The 1st edition was originally won by Capcha One and "Alone Again". However after winning the selection, Capcha One was disqualified as the singer was too young when the song was released. The second placed act, Zoë, was then chosen to represent Austria.