Your Choice for Austria 1
Venue Arena Nova, Vienna, Austria
Presenter(s) Kati Bellowitsch
Broadcaster ORF
Entries 8
System 100% international jury
Winner "Alone Again" (DSQ)
"Adieu" (winner)
Your Choice for Austria
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Your Choice for Austria 1 was the first edition of the Austrian music competition that selected Austria's entry for the North Vision Song Contest 16. The selection had a final consisting of eight songs.

Despite winning, Capcha One were disqualified afterwards. Zoë, the runner-up, represented the country instead and ended up 15th in the grand final.

The show was hosted in the Arena Nova. The arena was also planned to host the Pre-Qualification Round 7 in case Austria won the hosting poll. However, FYR Macedonia won the poll and therefore hosted the PQR instead.

Entrants and Results

# Artist Song Place Points
01 Conchita Wurst "Firestorm" 03 236
02 Kathi Kallauch "Bon Voyage" 07 216
03 Barnes & Heatcliff feat. Jessica Folcker "Strong Enough" 04 233
04 Zoë "Adieu" 02 258
05 Marla Blumenblatt "Sag einfach ja" 06 224
06 BEAU "Stay Wild" 05 227
07 Ramona Rotstich "Mit Liebe gemacht" 08 188
08 Capcha One "Alone Again" 01 291

After winning the selection, Capcha One was disqualified, as the singer was too young when the song was released. The 2nd place, Zoë, was then chosen to represent Austria.

12 points

No. Song Nation(s) giving 12 points
11 Flag of Austria Alone Again Flag of Albania Albania, Algeria Algeria, Flag of Andorra Andorra, Austria Austria, Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria, Flag of Denmark Denmark, Flag of Lithuania Lithuania, Flag of Malta Malta, Flag of Montenegro Montenegro, Flag of Spain Spain, Flag of None Rest of the world
7 Flag of Austria Stay Wild Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia-Herzegovina, Flag of Estonia Estonia, Flag of Finland Finland, Flag of Hungary Hungary, Flag of Morocco Morocco, Flag of Norway Norway, Flag of San Marino San Marino
5 Flag of Austria Adieu Flag of Italy Italy, Flag of Moldova Moldova, Flag of Serbia Serbia, Flag of Sweden Sweden, Flag of Ukraine Ukraine
4 Flag of Austria Firestorm Flag of Croatia Croatia, Flag of Germany Germany, Flag of Kazakhstan Kazakhstan, Flag of Latvia Latvia
Flag of Austria Strong Enough Flag of Azerbaijan Azerbaijan, Flag of Cyprus Cyprus, Flag of Georgia Georgia, Flag of Greece Greece
2 Flag of Austria Sag einfach ja Flag of Faroe Islands Faroe Islands, Flag of Slovenia Slovenia
1 Flag of Austria Bon Voyage Flag of Ireland Ireland
0 Flag of Austria Mit Liebe gemacht